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Retirement Income Distribution Planning

At OWM Inc. we specialize in developing distribution strategies for Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses. We believe that the optimal distribution of assets is the most important step in a successful financial plan.

Our accumulation and distribution strategies are unique to each client.  In developing a retirement income distribution plan, we start by identifying a sustainable spending goal that addresses a client’s needs, wants, and wishes.  Once the spending goal has been identified, we work to customize the planning strategy to meet the clients desired level of risk to meet those needs.  After those important steps have been completed, we address Estate Planning needs for assets that will be passed on to loved ones or charities.

Are you ready to check-in on your retirement preparedness and begin developing a retirement income distribution plan? We are here to help put your Roadmap to Retirement together!

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OWM Financial Planning Process



Understand the Client's Personal and Financial Circumstances

  • Values, Risk Tolerance, Family, Passions
  • Income, Assets, Liabilities, Taxes



Identify and Prioritize Goals Alongside Clients

  • Retirement Date & Desired Income
  • Large Purchase, College Funding, Leaving Legacy



Analyze the Client's Current Course & Develop a Plan with Potential Alternatives 

  • Is the Client's Current Course Aligned with Values & are they on Track to Accomplish Goals?
  • Is there an Alternative Plan the Client can Follow to Increase their Potential of Accomplishing Goals? 



Present and Review Planning Recommendations with Client 

  • Present the Desired Financial Plan & Alternative Ideas within the Plan
  • Come to an Agreeance with Client on a Plan they are Comfortable with



Implement the Financial Plan

  • Address Implementation Responsibilities of the Client & Planner
  • Craft a Desired Timeline to Implement Plan



Monitor and Update Financial Plan

  • Meet Regularly to Monitor the Plan
  • Have Client update Planner on Major Life Events

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