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Client Services & Fees


Tools: MoneyGuide Pro & AdviceWorks

Focus: Suitable Investment/Insurance

Services Provided:

Complimentary Meeting & Risk Analysis Evaluation

Availability to Client:
Once a year for review if needed.

Commission based product. (Product specific, can be up front or contingent deferred).

Appropriate for individuals looking for product specific solutions, with limited re-occuring services. (Ex: Life Insurance Policy).

Focus: Financial Planning & Portfolio Analysis

Services Provided:

• Portfolio Construction with our Open Architecture Platform.
• A detailed, goal based Financial Plan.
• 1-2 Full Annual Evaluations of Financial Plan & Portfolio Review.
• Quarterly Phone Check-ins
• Monthly Emails on Financial Planning
• Online Enrollment with Client Portal

Availability to Client:
• Semi-Annual reviews of portfolio & plan
• Accessible throughout the year for client questions

Annual Fees:
1 % AUM with Assets 25k-500k
.75% AUM with Assets 501 k-1 Million
.65% AUM with Assets 1 Million-3Million
.5% AUM with Assets 3Million-10Million
.35% AUM with Assets 10 Million+

Appropriate for individuals who enjoy an ongoing relationship, re-occuring meetings with advisor and full service financial planning (25k Min.)

Tools: MoneyGuide Pro & AdviceWorks

Services Provided:

• Complimentary Meeting

• Complimentary Risk Analysis Evaluation


Access to MoneyGuide Pro Technology
• Account Organizer
• Educational Resources
• Goal Planning with "Roadmap"
• Document Vault
• Financial Plan Software

Silver-$200/mo. (Bronze Included)

• Insurance Needs Analysis
• 401 k or Work Plan Analysis
• Retirement Planning
• Budgeting
• Debt Reduction Strategy

Gold-$300/mo. (Bronze & Silver included)

• Tax Planning {With Accountant)
• Legacy & Estate Planning {With Attorney)
• Retirement Distribution Plan
• Social Security Analysis
• Charitable Giving Coordination
• Business Planning


One Time Financial Plan ($2,500 with Gold, Silver & Bronze Included)
• 4 meetings used to create in depth plan with everything included in gold services.

Appropriate for individuals who would like ongoing advice & access to the online tools in addition to a plan with advisor. but manage their own portfolio and investments.

Advisory services may only be offered by Investment Adviser Representatives in connection with an appropriate Cetera Investment Advisers LLC, advisory services agreement and Disclosure Brochure, as provided.

In addition to fees paid for advisory services with respect to your investment in mutual funds, you may pay additional mutual fund expenses, including management, trading and marketing fees. Mutual fund expenses, 12 (b)1 fees, and any deferred sales charges are fully disclose in the mutual fund prospectus.

Contact your investment adviser representative for a listing of all fees, charges and expenses related to this program. Such information is also listed in the firm’s Form ADV Part 2A and disclosure brochure as provided.